With over 2000 brand-name, mass-market, generic, boutique, organic, and salon travel-sized and individual-sized items, combined with dozens of packaging options and several different ways to have your logo and marketing text on the kit, Minimus can work with you to create a completely customized kit for a variety of needs.


Odds are not only have we done whatever it is you might be looking to do, we've probably done it multiple times and can provide feedback on aspects of the design and intended audience that have received the best feedback.


You can use some of our pre-existing designs as springboards for your own ideas, work with us and start from scratch, or come armed with your own product mix and design that you want executed.

Featured Case Study

The end user customer for this kit was a large apartment complex management company that wanted a nice "welcome gift" for new tenants.

Their original design included food items, but in discussing the project, and looking at their budget and theme, it ended up making more sense to create the kit solely around cleaning up and items that you might need during and immediately after moving in -- before you've had time to unpack.

We started to see this type of kit design happening over and over again.

As we were doing a lot of these "welcome to your new home" kits, we decided to take a couple of the common designs elements and make them stock kits. For the most part, customers still choose to put their own twist on it and make customizations from the stock kits. But, as it turns out, our design landed in Realtor magazine as a suggestion for Realtors to use for their clients as a thank you gift once they closed a sale!